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Shuttles informations

Get from cave to cave!

Make use of the free shuttle buses departing from all the main Vaud stations simply by presenting your “Open Cellars” glass.



Departing every 45 minutes from Yverdon-les-Bains, in front of the Tourist Office.

Last return journey at 5.30 pm for the shuttles in all the villages.


Valeyres-sous- Montagny – Bonvillars – Corcelles-près- Concise – Yverdon-les- Bains


  • New tour of the region’s vineyards. Armed with your smartphone, follow our itineraries marked out with questions, quizzes and fascinating anecdotes that are both informative and entertaining.
  • Discover various musical entertainment or tasting activities organised by the winegrowers

Côtes de l’Orbe


Departing every hour from Yverdon-les-Bains, in front of the Tourist Office.


Yverdon-les-Bains – Bavois – Eclépens – Arnex-sur-Orbe – Bofflens – Agiez – Montcherand – Valeyres-sous-Rances – Mathod – Yverdon-les-Bainse


  • Two signposted walks
  • Tastings served with local produce



Throughout the day, shuttles from the railway stations of Villeneuve, Aigle, Ollon and Bex to the cellars.


Wine tour: downloading the itinerary on the “Vaud Guide” application turns the wine path into so much more than a tour. Twenty or so points of interest are presented along the whole trail, revealing the world of wine production in the Chablais region.


  • Perch Festival
  • Traders and artisans’ market with the theme of Gastronomy
  • Musical entertainment


  • Musical entertainment in front of the wine shop
  • Various catering stands


  • Aigle Vine and Wine Museum places the emphasis on interactive exhibits, dealing with various subjects such as the work of the winegrower in the vineyard and the cellar.
  • Air Glaciers’ Hélicobar
  • Etivaz cheesemaking demonstration
  • Street brass band


  • Tastings from new winegrowers in the cellars and vineyards


  • Artisans’ market
  • Musical entertainment with the Pichette Klezner Band



Lutry circuit

Shuttles between the different cellars from the railway station, the jetty and the TL terminus (bus 9) in Lutry. Departing every 45 minutes.

Villette circuit

Shuttles between the villages from the railway stations of  Cully and Grandveaux and the TL terminus (bus 9) in Lutry. Departing every 30-45 minutes.

Vevey-Montreux circuit

Shuttles to the Château de la Doges from the railway stations of Montreux, Vevey and Vevey funicular railway.

Departing every 45 minutes

Epesses/Calamin/Dézaley/St-Saphorin/Chardonne circuit

Shuttles between the villages from the railway stations of Cully, Chexbres and Vevey funicular railway.

Departing every 45 minutes.


  • Sample the culinary specialities served in some cellars and in the restaurants.
  • Enjoy a walk along the footpaths from one village to the next, and admire, at your own pace, the wonderful scenery of the terraced vineyards listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site:


La Côte


Nyon circuit

Departing from Nyon railway station with the regular bus services to the cellars farthest away.

Gland circuit

Departing every 30 minutes from Gland railway station

Shuttle 1: Gland – Vich – Begnins – Luins – Vinzel – Bursinel – Dully – Luins – Gland

Rolle circuit

Departing every 30 minutes from Rolle railway station

Shuttle 1: Rolle – Perroy – Allaman - Rolle

Shuttle 2: Rolle – Féchy – Bougy-Villars – Rolle or Rolle – Bougy-Villars – Féchy – Rolle

Shuttle 3: Rolle – Mont-sur-Rolle – Rolle

Shuttle 4: Rolle – Tartegnin – Gilly – Vinzel – Rolle

Morges circuit

Three bus routes to discover the wines of Morges. Departing every 15 minutes from Morges railway station.

Shuttle 1: Morges – St-Prex – Etoy – Lavigny – Yens – Villars-sous-Yens – Morges

Shuttle 2: Morges – Chigny – Vufflens-le-Château – Denens – Lully – Morges

Shuttle 3: Morges – Monnaz – Colombier – Echichens – Morges


  • Musical entertainment or tasting activities organised by the winegrowers
  • Morges Region Tourist Information Centre and the “Bam la Voie des Sens” association will welcome you at a stand on Route de la Gare no 19 next door to Morges railway station and guide you to the shuttle buses and the various tasting or musical entertainment activities offered by the winegrowers.
  • Find most of the winegrowers of the Nyon appellation in the enchanting setting of Château de Nyon. Catering and musical entertainment, and, on Saturday evening, the winegrowers’ ball.
  • Admission to the Châteaux of Nyon, Prangins and Coppet and all the museums in Nyon will be free of charge to holders of the “Open Cellars passport” on Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th May 2018.



  • Link service via the lake between Morat, Vallamand, Môtier, Praz and Sugiez
  • Set off in search of the Vully gâteau (a sweet bun)